Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Cleanup and Smoke Damage Repair

If you have suffered fire damage to your home or business, you deserve to work with a general contractor who specializes in the insurance restoration field. With more than 40 years of experience working with insurance companies, you can rest assured that All Claims Repairs will address all damages before work starts on your home.

We begin the cleanup process the day after the fire so life can get back to normal as quickly as possible.
Our thorough process ensures the smell of smoke won’t linger after our work is completed.
Our team is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) and committed to saving your property from the corrosive effects of fire residue.
Our team brings decades of experience across the insurance and construction industries.

How we can help

We work directly with your insurance carrier to ensure you get what you deserve.

Smoke residue removal and furniture cleaning
Board ups and emergency roof taping
Contents packing and move out services
Carpet and rug cleaning and deodorization
Painting and wallpaper
Plaster and drywall
Mold Remediation
Emergency Dry Out
Electrical and Plumbing
Roofing – all types
Air conditioning and ductwork
Drapery and blinds
Asphalt, concrete and pavers
Custom cabinets and shelving

The All Claims promise

The aftermath of fire damage can linger long after the fire is extinguished. Smoke and soot can travel throughout a residential home or commercial building damaging upholstery, carpet, paint, drapes and other belongings. The process of restoration can feel overwhelming.

All Claims Repairs is committed to making the fire damage restoration process smooth and transparent. Our experienced team will walk you through the steps of the process, tell you what we are going to do and deliver on our promises.

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies which allows us to arrive on an agreed scope and price quickly. Once approved, we get repairs done fast, and get them done right.

How to Begin the Restoration Process

After the fire in your home or place of business has been safely extinguished by professional firefighters, you should act immediately to begin the restoration process by following these steps:

Step 1: Open doors and windows

Open doors and windows to remove smoke odors and keep room temperatures low.

Step 2: Avoid using electricity

Avoid using electricity if you think wiring has been damaged by heat or water.

Step 3: Empty refrigerators and prop open doors for circulation

Empty refrigerators and freezers if electricity is off. Prop doors open with a rolled towel or newspaper to allow air circulation.

Step 4: Apply Vaseline or oil to chrome trim

Clean and protect chrome trim on faucets and other bright fixtures immediately to prevent corrosion by applying a coat of Vaseline or oil.

Step 5: Evacuate the home

Remove your family, employees and/or pets from the area. The smell of the fire residue can cause respiratory problems.

Step 6: Contact All Claims!

Contact All Claims Repairs or ask your insurance carrier to contact us directly to arrange for an assessment.

Our customers' testimonials speak for themselves

March 2022
Icone Google Review

"I had an explosion and fire in my garage in August 2019. Through Roberto Marrero, Public Adjuster with Century Claims Management, I was introduced to Joe Santore, Supervisor at All Claims Repairs. All Claims Repairs specializes in restoring properties that have been damaged due to fire, flood and other disasters. From day one it was a pleasure working with Joe, he kept me informed of what was going on with the repairs, even when he did not have total control of some of the trades at the job site. He was on top of every aspect of the project and his focus was always, how can I get the client back home as soon as possible.  His workers were top notch and all seem to be on the job when I had occasion to visit the house. On personal inspection, not only did he met and pass all current codes, but he exceeded expectation for the quality of the job. Joe is a true professional, and I would recommend Joe and All Claim Management Repairs, to anyone inquiring of their services. I am very happy and satisfied with the job Joe did."

December 2021
Icone Google Review

"All Claims Repairs worked on a bedroom ceiling which was partially cut open by firemen looking for a possible smoldering fire. Scott Nowicki did the estimate and Michael Deno was the project manager. The team that was put together for the different phases of the job was very good. The ceiling was repaired well. The bedroom was painted to my wife's request. Finally the A/C system got a thorough cleaning which included all the components: compressor, air handler, ducts, and registers. The air quality is now so much better. I would recommend All Claims Repairs."

Geo Re
2 years ago
Icone Google Review

"There is only one call I make when I need any type of home repair or any consulting or recommendations. That call is to Tony Allogia at All Claims Repair. We have relied on their services for the past 20 years for various projects to include bathroom renovations, plumbing, wood floor repairs, along with a few other projects. We recently had a small fire in our kitchen which resulted in smoke damage throughout the house leaving residue on the floors, ceiling, walls, in the cabinets...all over. This was on Memorial Day weekend. Called Tony and he had a crew there setting up equipment to clear the air and odor. The next day the crew came back and started cleaning everything. After they were done, he sent someone to clean the air ducts. Anyone who has dealt with contractors in Florida knows how difficult it is to find someone that they can rely on. With All Claims you are getting sound advice, professionalism, quality service, quick responsiveness and most important they are someone you can trust. It all starts at the top with Tony, a person with integrity and someone you can rely on. His team stays in touch through the entire process to ensure that we are satisfied. I highly recommend them for any home renovation needs."

Ray Sirois
December 2021
Icone Google Review

"End your search, here!!!!! I would recommend this company 1000% !!! I cannot even begin to explain how phenomenal these guys were! Thomas Alexander, firstly is one of the most professional, responsive, caring, kindest, hard working project managers, out there. He is just a wonderful person, all around, as well. All the guys that came to work on our home, were professional, hard working and kind! I definitely need to point out two very special people: Marty and Bob: these guys became like family. They are some of the nicest, professional, hardest working people, I have ever met. Any little "issue" was fixed IMMEDIATELY. It was sad to say goodbye to them! They always took time to take my phone calls. I honestly would not go with any. other company. These guys are just the best. Extremely trust worthy too! CALL THEM!"

Nancy Di Mare Gordillo
December 2021
Icone Google Review

"People make companies, Scott and Brian are  formidable representatives. They made an horrendous situation more palatable.  If everyone in the trade would practice the same principals as these 2 men, construction due to fire damage would be less stressful. I’m only sorry they didn’t handle all the aspects of the clean up. I must say that Scott, Brian and the team are great assets to All Claims and the construction, renovation industries. Thank YouI would like to add to above review. After the sale it is the service that counts. All Claims has performed above y expectations, when it come to service. They have responded to calls and service requests without hesitation. Thank you again for making this a bearable situation."

Barbara Tyson

Smoke damage wont wait. That’s why we are available 24/7 to help.

We work with your insurance company while representing your best interests to ensure you get the repairs you deserve.